2016 Red Quarter (09/10/2016-10/28/2016)

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RED QUARTER (09/10-10/28) Fall in love Embrace the passion of fall Highlights • 2015-2016 OPEN HOUSE: 09/04 Saturday 1pm-4pm BRING FRIENDS !!!  • New location 11404 SE 76TH ST NEWCASTLE minutes from Factoria, Newport hills, Newcastle, Kenny-dale, with outdoor play ground, kitchen, reading room, sketch room, and indoor activity room. • New morning time parent and child Little series’ classes for children ages 1-3 • Opportunity on Monday and Wednesday to join the first year Chinese Heritage class!!! • Let us know if there is a time slot that works better for your schedule, new classes  are… Read More


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2015 Red Quarter (09/08/2015-10/26/2015)

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RED QUARTER (09/08-10/26) Portraits Acceptance of who you are Highlights • No class: 09/07, 10/09 MAKE UP: 10/26, 10/27  Day camps available for no school days. • 2015-2016 OPEN HOUSE: 09/05 Saturday 1pm-4pm BRING FRIENDS !!!  • Brand new parent child toddler classes for children 2+  for children to engage in hands on art activities that provide a context for learning Chinese and English !!! • Opportunity on Wednesday and Saturday to join the first year Chinese Heritage class !!! • Let us know if there is a time slot… Read More

2015 Green Quarter (3/14/2015-5/09/2015)

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GREEN QUARTER (03/14-05/09) Landmarks An artistic reflection of history,culture and innovation Highlights • No studio classes during spring break: 04/04-04/11 • Spring break CAMP (04/06-04/10) submit camp request • New classes are offered upon parent request when 4+ students signs up • Chen lao shi has returned to the classroom to teach • School/bus stop PICK UP available on Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri (limited to 6 students max) • Art and Chinese classes are 55min, please have your child picked up on time • Visit us today for a FREE TRIAL or contact us for details… Read More

2014 Blue Quarter (05/05-06/21)

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BLUE QUARTER (05/05-06/21) Classical Art Depicting realism and capturing light Highlights • NO CLASSES during mid-spring break week of 02/17-02/22 • Week-long camp hours extended till 5pm + camp prices reduced 20% or more • mid-spring break CAMP (02/17-02/22) submit camp request  • CHINESE H1 new time slots on Thursday @ 5:00pm • BABY,CHINESE K, ART K  offered during new day and time • Art classes are now 55min   • Chinese classes are now 55min • Visit us today for a FREE TRIAL or contact us for details ART This quarter we… Read More