2015 Green Quarter (3/14/2015-5/09/2015)

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GREEN QUARTER (03/14-05/09)


An artistic reflection of history,culture and innovation


• No studio classes during spring break: 04/04-04/11

• Spring break CAMP (04/06-04/10) submit camp request

• New classes are offered upon parent request when 4+ students signs up

• Chen lao shi has returned to the classroom to teach

• School/bus stop PICK UP available on Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri (limited to 6 students max)

• Art and Chinese classes are 55min, please have your child picked up on time

• Visit us today for a FREE TRIAL or contact us for details



This quarter we are discovering that the shapes and designs of various landmarks are bi-product of history, culture and one’s imagination.   Ancient and modern iconic structures alike are artistic reflections of what people value and love.  Each unique design in-compass our forefathers creativity and ability.  Students will have the opportunity to learn to draw ancient wonders, modern marvels, and construct entire scenery using various art mediums, as well as using their imagination to create new structures.   Come and join us to discover the importance of creativity in architecture designs, and to appreciate the history and culture of our ancestors.  The artist we are featuring this quarter is Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the Eiffel tower.  Gustave and his company has built a wide array of civil structures, from bridges, viaducts, train stations, hotels, light houses, churches, to post offices,    At the heart of every designer is the love for humanity, and the willingness to challenge what seems to be impossible.


Chinese I – Students will learn adjectives that describes.

Chinese II – Students will learn lessons about the natural world,

Chinese III – Students will learn school related terminologies

Chinese H1 – Students will continue to learn from book 1B of 小学华文

Chinese H2 – Students will continuing to learn from book 2B of 小学华文

*Please e-mail us at pandaclassseattle@gmail.com, if you’d like to trial and start up classes or resume from when you last took classes.


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