2014 Blue Quarter (05/05-06/21)

Posted on: March 11th, 2015 by pandaclass

BLUE QUARTER (05/05-06/21)

Classical Art

Depicting realism and capturing light


• NO CLASSES during mid-spring break week of 02/17-02/22

• Week-long camp hours extended till 5pm + camp prices reduced 20% or more

• mid-spring break CAMP (02/17-02/22) submit camp request 

• CHINESE H1 new time slots on Thursday @ 5:00pm

• BABY,CHINESE K, ART K  offered during new day and time

• Art classes are now 55min  

• Chinese classes are now 55min

• Visit us today for a FREE TRIAL or contact us for details



This quarter we are learning how to do figure drawings and expressing them in motion.  Come and join us if you want to learn how to enhance movement in your art expression.  The artist we are featuring this quarter is Henri Matisse,  Henri Matisse is one of the fathers of fauvism, he believes in using direct simple ways to express art, which meant eliminating details and the minimal use of color.  As he matured in his art, his art became more and more minimalist which in the end resulted in paper cutting of simple silhouettes.   Students will learn to free up their restrained lines in figure drawing, and how to balance the use of colors to create impacts.


This quarter we will learn about our body.  Subjects include, various body parts, organs, how to describe your body and what can you do with it.  Verbs and adjectives learned this quarter will allow students the ability to talk about themselves,  Adjectives learned from this quarter will allow students the ability to concretely describe themselves and others, learn some science knowledge behind our anatomy and talk about any ailment when visiting the doctor.


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