A Mandarin Chinese program created especially for non-native learners wanting to learn to speak Chinese.    This four-year program is suitable for students of all ages.   We provide families with an interactive immersion in art, music, stories, drama, and play.  Students will learn to listen, speak, read, and write.  Each lesson is designed to build upon another to built complex speech.  Weekly lessons cover a multitude of theme-related vocabularies, characters, and sentence examples, as well as at home study sheets, homework, and interactive web content.

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PANDA ZI (熊猫字画):
Students will learn to draw and memorize characters from oracle inspired art forms while building their knowledge of character usage.  Each lesson is tailored to improve reading and writing skills. Characters and vocabularies are taught visually, interactively and through play.  Upon completion of this course, students will master reading and writing of at least 365 hanzi (汉字).  This class is taught in both simplified and traditional forms with both in-class and at-home practices, and on-site quizzes.
PANDA MC (熊猫伙伴) :
This 2015 published curriculum will cover the Singapore based 欢乐伙伴 (English) 欢乐伙伴 (Chinese) course material.  In these classes, students have the opportunity to learn pinyin, conversation, characters, reading, and writing in simplified Chinese.  Book 1A begins with pinyin (Chinese phonetics) learning for young readers living abroad.  Each lesson is packed with theme-based vocabulary and conversations to improve speech while learning reading, writing, and typing.  Lessons consist of reading, 17+ weekly character learning.  and 8+ character writing.  In addition to studying with the activity book, students will be given worksheets, flashcards, writing packets, and typing practices.  Quizzes will be given periodically for assessment.

(欢乐伙伴 textbooks can be purchased here)

In- Schools

We offer offsite Mandarin classes for public and private schools before and after school programs.  We currently host after-school Chinese programs at various public and private schools.  For students wishing to enroll, please check your school’s after-school programs.  If your school currently doesn’t have a before or after-school Mandarin program and would like to start, please contact us.  In-school classes have the option of setting up a heritage or non-heritage curriculum depending on your school’s individual needs.