Programs Outlined


Preschool Programs (ages 3+)

  • PANDA ART K :   Art class for preschoolers.   This class will be a lot of fun for your creative child to utilize materials, tools and techniques to create amazing art works that even the smallest hands can make.   We’ll learn fundamentals in art such as lines, shapes, color, form and rhythm.    
  • PANDA CHINESE K (parent child): Learn a foreign language with your young ones.  Play based immersion in Mandarin Chinese which allows everyone in the family to learn theme based vocabularies, common expressions, songs, and practical words that you can use in everyday speech.
  • PANDA LEARN:  We will sing, draw, read, do activities and play to grow your child’s critical and logical reasoning skills for the English language.  We’ll learn phonics, words, spelling and much more.


Chinese Speaking (all ages)

  • PANDA CHINESE I : Introductory Mandarin learning for first time non-native Mandarin learners.  Students will learn from our first year introductory curriculum for non-native speakers.  First year lessons revolve around ideas about the self.  You’ll learn to describe who you are and the things you care about .  The focus is on everyday speech and vocabulary building.
  • PANDA CHINESE II : Chinese for intermediary non-native learners.  Students will learn from our second year intermediary curriculum.  These curriculum revolve around terminologies found in nature.  We will Learn words, written characters.  See characters appear in simple sentences, learn to utilize vocabularies and sentences, utilization of verbs and adjectives in speech.
  • PANDA CHINESE III: Mandarin classes for advanced non-native Chinese students.  Students will learn from our third year advanced curriculum.  Learning key words associated with their surroundings and social life.  Discuss about our household, schools, neighborhoods, etc.  Begin to see vocabularies appear in contextual reading,  and continue to build upon their Mandarin.
  • PANDA CHINESE IV: Chinese learning for non-native students.  Students completing their last years of preliminary everyday spoken Chinese.  These final themes focuses on the global scale, revolve around culture, language, history and life in China.   We’ll discuss cultural taboos and current events.  This class will focus on paragraph reading and writing, some Chinese typing, and fluency.

Chinese Character Learning (ages 4+)

  • PANDA CHINESE KD (1-20): Chinese made easy for the young mind.  Students will focus on characters learning which serves as building blocks to the Chinese language.  Each character is interlinked with characters previous taught to enable pre-k readers to built reading and writing skills.  Students will master over 130 characters past the first year of learning, and gain the ability to read and write simple stories and sentences.  Characters will be explained and dated to its most primitive art form (oracle bone scripture) along with the use of idioms.  Our young pupil will explore the culture and history behind each unique character.  Our interactive classroom is centered around drawing, dramatic play and games for the creative mind.   This class is meant for native speakers or advanced non-native speakers.  The characters will be  taught with both simplified and traditional forms of writing.       

Chinese Reading and Writing (1st grade+)

  • PANDA CHINESE MC (1A-6B): Mandarin classes for students living abroad wanting to learn curriculum based lessons for 2nd grade and higher.  The course work uses a Singapore based textbook 欢乐伙伴 which is ideal for Chinese learners living abroad.   The MC textbook is rich in content, it covers pinyin, character reading and writing, theme vocabularies, speaking, excerpt reading, grammar and writing skills.  In addition to the text, there will be FREE web based content, online quizzes and take home study sheet and practices.

Art (ages 5+)

  • PANDA ART I : Introductory art class for children ages 5 and older, students work with various mediums to learn about lines, shapes, color, contour, symmetry, rhythm, patterns, and composition.  Featuring  bi-monthly theme based lessons using various art methods.
  • PANDA ART II : Secondary art class for children ages 7 and older and or mixed age classes.  Various art mediums will be introduced, and will lead to intermediary drawing skills.  This class requires students to have had prior exposure to art.  Students will learn  preliminary art concepts, art expressions and various art styles and artists.
  • PANDA ART III : Advanced art class for children ages 9 and older.  Students are required to have had prior art learning to be introduced to design, classical art, modern art, mixed medium art and conceptual art. Advanced learning in drawing, shading, sketching and painting.


After School Care (pre K-2nd)

  • PANDA CARE (monthly) : We provide school pick up and care for local students ages 4-8 in a small group, safe and kids friendly environment for learning and playing.  Snack and outdoor play will be provided.  Lot’s of fun and game, as well as one on one homework and tutoring help.  Students signed up will also have the option to sign up for additional enrichment classes with discounts.
  •  PANDA EXTRA CARE (extended hour/drop-in) : For families looking for flexible after school care,  and last minute care options during early releases and school closures.  We provide hourly punch card in which you can purchase and use.    

Camps (ages 4+)

  • PANDA DAY CAMP (9am-5pm) : Features am language lessons in Mandarin Chinese tailored to fit the skill level of the group, fun packed activities and games, lunch and foreign films and afternoon hands on art/craft class and creative math class.  Camps are offered during school closures and upon parents request.
  • PANDA HALF DAY WEEKLY CAMP (9-1 or 1-5 M-F):  Weekly camps with the option to sign up for either Language (Mandarin/Spanish) or STEAM (art/math) half day sessions, field trip to nearby parks on Wed or Fri afternoons.  Mandarin and art classes will be customized to your student’s level.
  • PANDA FULL DAY WEEKLY CAMP (9-5 M-F):  Small group language lessons (Chinese/Spanish) combined with afternoon STEAM (art/math) classes.  Weekly field trips (M/F) to explore our local community.  Enjoy an abundance of outdoor play, foreign movies, snacks, games and theme based fun packed activities.
  • PANDA CAMP AFTER CARE (5pm-6pm): Camp after care  available per parents request for families needing a later pick up time till 6pm.

All day/holiday camps run per parent request and requires a min. of 3 students.  Click to send  CAMP REQUEST


  • Custom theme based parties
  • Various themes to chose from: Art/craft/games/movie
  • Exclusive facility usage for up to three hours
  • Onsite (20 children max)
  • 2 trained teachers to facilitate

All parties run per parents request.  Click to inquire a QUOTE