2019 Yellow Term

Posted on: January 9th, 2019 by pandaclass
1/14th – 3/9th (CLASSES CLOSED 02/18-02/23)
-OPEN HOUSE 01/13 10:00am-4:00pm
-Limited spots for local Pre K-2nd after-school care
-This term’s art theme is “Chinese Folk Art”
-We provide the BEST Mandarin program for non-native learners with over 12 years of experience in the most acclaimed schools and language institutions.
-熊猫字 (PANDA ZI) in both simplified and traditional forms combines art, culture, and history trains students as young as 4 to read and write.
-Sign up today for advanced math exploration and learning
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Panda art classes are designed for children of all ages. We focus on a creativity first approach in artistic expressions. Using various mediums, art principals and styles, for students to broaden their artistic expressions. Students are required to produce original works through the introduction of various creative art outlets. All finished art works are to be returned to students at the end of the term after being show cased.
Students learn advanced (a year ahead) common core math concepts using play methods. Our small group math class will cover all concepts of numbers,charts, patterns, comparison, base 10, place values. As well as learn to quickly solve addition, subtraction and fraction problems. Learn to read the clock, count money, know how to measure, understand geometry, and solve word problems.
Mandarin classes for non-native and native learners. Our classic non-native mandarin focuses on theme based vocabularies. Native learners can partake in PANDA ZI(熊猫字) Chinese traditional/simplified character learning. 2nd grade and up can learn with PANDA MC (欢乐伙伴 Singaporean curriculum).
Much like the comfort of your own home, your child will have the extra time to spend with friends to engage in indoor+outdoor fun, a chance to exercise their mind & body. Organic snack and homework help are provided daily. We offer weekly after school care 3-6pm. Camps are offered upon request during school closures.

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