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2018 GREEN TERM (3/4th – 4/28th)

  • SPRING OPEN HOUSE: 02/24 10am-4pm
  • After and before school care launches this Fall
  • This term’s art theme is “Going on a Journey”
  • 熊猫快读 combines art, history and language to teach young learners to read and write
  • We provide the BEST Mandarin program for non-native learners with over 10 years of experience in the most acclaimed schools and language institutes.
  • Visit us TODAY for a FREE TRIAL!
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Preschool classes for children 5 and under. In areas of ART, MATH, PHONICS, SCIENCE and LANGUAGE. We also host FREE community playgroups every Friday for families with young children to meet. To join, submit a request to our face book group.


We offer various Mandarin programs for both non-native and native learners. Parent child can enroll in our CHIN K programs. Our classic non-native course focuses on theme based vocabularies for K-5th. For native young learners there’s 熊猫快读 to learn Chinese characters. 2nd-8th graders can partake in 欢乐伙伴, Singapore’s nationally credited curriculum.

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Panda art classes are designed to fit the need of various age groups. We focus on a creativity first approach in artistic expressions. Using various mediums, students will learn art skills to broaden their ability, but will always be pushed to show their individualism. Students are required to produce original Children’s art, not fabricated work of others.


We’d like to invite you to our Newcastle based school house. Much like the comfort of your own home, your child will have the extra time to spend with friends and engage in games, art, crafts and sports, along with one on one tutoring . We specialize in small group care for K-5th graders during before/after school and closures.

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