2017 RED QUARTER (09/09 – 10/28)

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RED QUARTER (09/11-10/28)

Retro Art

The way things were


• 2017-2018 OPEN HOUSE: 09/09 Saturday 10am-4pm !!! 

• Our Newcastle school house has lots of outdoor and indoor areas for students to play and learn in.

• Featuring am Little series’ classes for 18month + families needing flexible schedule.

• Last year, our Chinese KD series for beginner learners (4+) were a BIG HIT, students learned 6 vocabularies a week and were able to read and write short sentences after 7 classes.  This September we are offering more Chinese KD               classes see schedule to sign-up now!

• Let us know if there is a time slot that works better for your schedule, new classes  are offered upon request and when 4+ students enrolls.

• Offsite Mandarin classes offered at various schools, have your after school program contact us if you would like to have PANDA CLASS show up at your school.

• Visit us today for a FREE TRIAL or contact us for details


Toddler(Little’s Classes)

Small group drop off class for toddlers ages 18 month and plus

Little Mind – Learn your alphabet and numbers through songs, games and activites.

Little Hands – A series of alphabet inspired art that helps young ones to draw and write.   

Little Lips – Learn theme based vocabularies and characters in Chinese.


This quarter we are going to take an adventure back in time to learn about the way things use to be.  Before smart phones/watches, cyber space, electric cars, e-mails existed another way of living.  A sophisticated mechanical hands on era, when things worked without power without color.  I think it’s important for our children to learn about the past so they can better appreciate the present.  We’ll learn these things through drawing various mediums of retro steam ships, maps, automobiles, bicycles,  postage stamps, phone booth, mechanical clocks and etc.  Various art techniques will be introduced in each week’s drawing to work on lines, form, shapes, color, value, space and texture.  Mainly to inspire student’s creativity by mixing their modern minds with old inventions.


Non-native Chinese

Chinese I-IV – Learn a series of theme based vocabularies which enables non-native learners to talk about their surroundings and the things that are most important to them.   Classes are opened to parents who wants to join and learn along with your child.  We’ll learn through songs, movements, art, and lots and lots of fun games.

Heritage Chinese

Chinese H1-H5 – Students will learn from Singapore’s top notch Chinese curriculum designed especially for foreign students living abroad.  The current curriculum was redesigned and published last year in 2016.  It has lots of rich content evolving character and pinyin learning.  They’ve also added theme based vocabularies and dialogues to better help speaking.  there’s also online content for at home learning.  Panda class will teach students through games, activities, skits, as well as additional homework, study sheets, tests, and essay writing to help students master Mandarin.

* Because these classes are consecutive, we advice families to sign up NOW so you don’t miss any lessons this year.  Have your course material (欢乐伙伴)purchased prior to class.

Early Learner

Chinese KD – Students will learn 6 building block characters a weeks, each lesson will be a built on, on top of another lesson.  We will learn  both traditional and simplified characters through ancient pictographs.  Young minds will learn to draw their writing out and depict meaning from each unique symbols shaped from their most original form.  The characters will also built on to one another to form complex meaning and sentences to enable students to master reading, writing, and story building.


*Please e-mail us at pandaclassseattle@gmail.com, if you’d like to do a free first trial or resume from when you last took classes.

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