2014 Green Quarter (03/10-05/03)

Posted on: May 6th, 2014 by pandaclass

GREEN QUARTER (03/10-05/03)

World Art

Explore various art styles, colors and cultural elements


  • NO CLASSES during mid-spring break week of 04/07-04/11
  • Spring break CAMP (04/17-04/11) submit camp request 
  • Camp hours extended till 5pm
  • Visit us today for a FREE TRIAL or contact us for details


This quarter we are learning about arts from around the world.  We will travel around the world to discover unique art styles, color, and culture.  We will learn an array of art styles, from simple Chinese watercolors to dense aborigine and tribal prints.  Art around the world is richly tied to culture.  African masks uses symbols to communicate with their ancestors, Australians use dots to depict their native wild life, Chinese paintings reflects a zen balanced life style.  Both Eastern European and South America arts use lots of colors.  European art is more serious and wishes to capture realism.  North American native art uses lots of symbols.  Learning various art styles enables our students to understand the strong tie between one’s personal identity with their art.  Art is a creative tool in expressing who we are.


This quarter we will learn lots of verbs relating to movements and activities.  Subjects include movements, indoor and outdoor activities, sports and music.    Learning lots of verbs will enable students to describe subject matters in action.  As well as learning to talk about their hobbies and interest.  As the weather warms up everyone is ready to have some fun in Mandarin.


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