2013 Red Quarter (09/09-10/26)

Posted on: September 4th, 2013 by pandaclass

RED QUARTER (09/09-10/26)


T’is fall, the time for changes.  As Mr. rain and Mr. wind return, you’ll notice many changes surrounding us.  In our PANDA classes we will talk about and exhibit these changes! 


  • 2013-2014 SCHOOL YEAR OPEN HOUSE 09/07/2013 invite friends to join !!!
  • For families wishing to register visit calendar for this upcoming quarter schedule
  • NEW PANDA music class on Fridays for students to learn craft/song/dance/act
  • NEW PANDA BABY (3 month- 2 year) parent and child classes open for enrollment
  • NEW PANDA CHINESE IV (11+) for advanced non-native Mandarin learners
  • NEW PANDA CHINESE H (4+) heritage Chinese classes offered on Saturdays
  • 10/11 school service ONE DAY camp open for registration !!! 9am-4pm (art & Chinese)
  • Come and visit us for a FREE TRIAL or contact us for inquiries !!!


This quarter we are learning how to compose complete scenes, with nature, houses, people and animals. The artist we are featuring this quarter is André Derain.  He is known for his Fauvist style, utilizing bright colors and simple contours to depict its subject matters.  We will use acrylic, pastels, and water soluble pastels to achieve the fauvist painting style.  Students will also learn to draw abstract people, animals, boats, cars and buildings.


This quarter we will learn about natural elements, weather terminologies and the four seasons.  In addition to our students prior knowledge of people and animals, they can now discuss them in various seasonal and weather conditions.  How cool is it for your little news forecasters to report today’s weather in Chinese.


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