2013 Orange Quarter (10/28-12/21)

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ORANGE QUARTER (10/28-12/21)

T’is Winter, a time of celebration, let’s celebrate with the gift of 3-D 

3-Dimensional Description


  • WORK SHOP for the REFLECTION PROJECT 10/26 8am-10am. $25 charge max 8
  • 2013 YEAR-END OPEN HOUSE & CHRISTMAS CARD MAKING 12/15/2013 1pm-3pm
  • ONE WEEK THANKSGIVING CLOSURE during the week of 11/25-11/30th
  • For families wishing to register visit calendar for this upcoming quarter schedule
  • NEW CHINESE H (5+) heritage Chinese class for native/advanced Mandarin students
  • NEW BABY (1-3 year old) parent and child classes on Thur open for enrollment
  • 11/11, 12/23-01/03 NO SCHOOL camps 9am-4pm, submit camp request 
  • All classes shortened by 5 minutes to allow better intermittence between classes
  • Birthday party quote and in school program inquiry
  • Come and visit us today for a FREE TRIAL or contact us for details


This quarter we are learning how to create 3D effects through the use of optical illusion, proportioning and dimensional shading.  Come and join us if you want to learn 3D art.  The artist we are featuring this quarter is MS Escher.  His understanding in visual mathematics allowed him to create paradoxical optical illusion through the use of spheres, columns and planes.  Students will learn 3D shapes, shading, illusions, and 3D street art collages.


IMG_3088This quarter we will learn how to describe.  Themes revolve color, shape, text
the feel, color and shapes of nouns from previous quarters.  It’s important to know how to alternate tenses in sentences, to talk about what happened, what’s happening and what will happen.  We will also learn that Chinese is unique in it’s use of unit words for different subject matters.
ure, unit, tense, time, and date.  Adjectives learned this

quarter will allow students the ability to describing


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