2013 Blue Quarter (05/04-06/21)

Posted on: April 24th, 2013 by pandaclass
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BLUE QUARTER (05/04-06/21)



  • NEW PANDA music class on Fridays for students to learn craft/song/dance/act
  • Inquire about BABY (3 month- 1 year) parent and child Chinese, music and art classes
  • Summer CAMPS are open for registration !!!  see schedule for detailed dates
  • ALL weekday class times has been pushed back 15 min !!!
  • Memorial day ONE DAY camp open for registration !!! 9am-4pm (art & Chinese)
  • Chen lao shi, has returned to the classrooms to teach art and Chinese classes
  • As always visit us for a FREE TRIAL !!!


This quarter we are learning how to draw and make background scenes. Students learn to compose various

nature elements such as night scene, jungle, ponds, flowers, canyons and natural wonders.  The artist whom

we are featuring this quarter is Monet and his plein-air landscape painting, using impressionism to draw

controlled environments.    We will use various styles to contrast softness and boldness in art.

Explore pastel colors and painting.


In our Mandarin classes, we will learn key concepts and terminologies relating to nature.

Floral, plants, landscape, water ways, bugs and critters.  We hope for students to built upon their

knowledge of people and animals and talk about their interaction and relationships to nature.

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